The history of the GAON striving for customer satisfaction.
2021 Year
JAN SMT Chip Mount Nozzle Management System NMS-1000S Development
FEB Wafer Inspection System WIS-1000S Development
MAR Selection of SMEs Learning Organization Support Project
APR Certified as a Performance Sharing Company
Selection of Support Project for New Technology Training Courses
JUN Commendation from the Minister of SMEs and Startups
Selection of SMEs Technology Commercialization Capability Enhancement Project (Small & Medium Venture Business Promotion Corporation)
2021 Designated as a Company for Human Resources Fostering
Participate in PMS (PCB Mapping System) Project of SFA Semiconductor
Participate in Skeleton Wafer Management System Application Project of NEPES
JUL Establishment of Corporate Research and Development Institute
Designated as Pre-Premium Branded Company By Techno-Park
Certification of Company with Outstanding Technical Capabilities (Technical Grade : T4)
Industry-Academic Cooperation Agreement [Gaon Korea,Inc - Chonnam Industrial High School]
Wafer Reference Die Marking Machine WR-L1000 to Amkor China
2020 Year
FEB Register ASE Global (Taiwan) Partner / Wafer Marking Inspection System Development
MAR MEP Ball Inspection System MBVI-100B Development
APR Completion of KISED Start-up Takeoff Package Support Project (Challenge : Skeleton Wafer Management System Development)
Patent Registration : Wafer Alignment Technology & Device
Patent Registration : Wafer Loading Technology & Device
MEP Chip & Component Inspection System MCCVI-100A Development
SMT Chip Mount Nozzle Sharp Inspection System NSIS-100(GS-A) Development
Skeleton Wafer Management System SWMS-1000S Development
MAY Wafer Reference Die Marking System WR-L1000 Development
JUL WLCSP Dual CCD Inspection System WMA-1000S-TW Development
NOV Manual 2D System, 2D Auto Uploading System Development
DEC Tray 2D Unit Auto Sorting System (Multi Camera Type) Development
2019 Year
JAN Patent Application : Wafer Alignment Device
ISO 9001:2015 Certification
ISO 14001:2015 Certification
Reference Die Line Scan Vision WR-AL1000 Development
JUN Selection of Participation in the Start-up Takeoff Package Support Project (KISED : Korea Institute of Startup and Entrepreneurship Development)
DEC Chip & Component Inspection 2D Vision System CVIS-GV1000 Development
2018 Year
JAN Relocated Office
FEB Developed Pre Soldering Inspection PSI-J100 ( Jig Loader Type)
Developed TOWA (Device Hole Check Vision)
APR Developed 2CH Vision System
MAY Developed Input Buffer IB-3L
Developed Smart Shelf SML-160M
Developed Laser Strip Marking PCB Map Auto Upload Vision System (Model : LS-Map 100)
Developed Chip Mount Rubber Pad Inspection Vision System
Developed PSI Dual Lane Type
JUN Developed Tray Empty Chip Check Vision
JUL Developed VRS Visual Inspection Microscope System
Developed 2D barcode Read Vision
AUG Developed TRAY 2D Barcode Read System T300-Line
OCT Developed Wafer Chip OCR Map System WI-M1000
NOV Developed Scope Type PCB Map Edit System / MES-SC1100
Patented - Wafer Loading System
DEC Designated for small and medium sized exporting firms
2017 Year
JAN Developed Jig Loader Strip Marking System
FEB Developed Jig Loader Inline System
MAR Samsung EM, Panel SMS, Panel Visual Inspection SMS Facility
Registered in DSK Vendor list
APR Developed LG Inoteck A Module Line Program
Developed PCB Map Conversion Program
MAY Vocational School 'Employment Customization' Agreement
Developed YP PE Tire TPMS Inspection System
JUN Established Smart Factory in V/M Progress
JUL Developed HYUNDAI WIA RJ TPMS Inspection System
Developed KSE1602 Vision Program
AUG Developed Auto Alignment Inspection AI-100
2016 Year
JAN ISO 14001:2009 certification
FEB Registered Korea's taecheu chippaek
Printed circuit board inspection equipment patent (No. 10-1596928)
APR The line scan inspection system developed a PCB
MAY Sky Mexico Works Company registration
JUN Osan LG Innotek company registration
2015 Year
JAN Gwangju Jeonnam Incubator award citation consultation meeting
FEB VRS (GKS-V100) Development
GAON trademark (KIPO)
JUN Business director (No. 109, No. 110)
SEP Vision system determines whether the sample contact (GK-MS100) Development
Online Monitoring System(GK-MS100)Development
NOV tion of Future Science Citation awarded the Minister
DEC SO 9001:2008 certification
Capital increase ($ 100,000)
2014 Year
APR Converted into incorporated "GAON KOREA"
MAY Registered in Amkor Global vendor list
JUN Research and development department certification
Korea Occupational Safety & Health Agency acknowledges clean workplace
Factory Registration (Industrial Complex)
2D Map Edit System (OCR Type) Development
OCT Venture Business certification
Hyundai Wia K2 Thai Vision Inspection Equipment Development
NOV SO 9001:2008 certification
Capital increase ($ 100,000)
2013 Year
JUN Established GAON TECH
Registered AMKOR KOREA
DEC Developed 2D Map Edit System